About Micromesh

From humble beginnings to becoming one of the nation’s top gutter brands.

Our story begins 20 years ago, where we began our business as two brothers installing gutter protection systems for all sorts of venues ranging from family houses and contractors all the way up to commercial buildings such as skyscrapers. Over the years we realized one thing; no gutter system that is surrounded by trees, nature, and the constraints of urban life are fail-proof. Thus, we dedicated ourselves to developing the best gutter protection system we could.

With our over two decades’ worth of experience solely installing gutter protection systems, the number one issue we came across was the fact that gutters were made to be installed and forgotten. That is why by the time people realized that they had problems arising in their gutters and that they needed repair, it had already become a burden to deal with. So we started thinking in reverse and asked ourselves the question: “What if we could truly make a system that would be so RELIABLE and DURABLE that it required little to no maintenance at all?” With that, we started developing and magic erupted. Waterlock Gutter Protection systems were born.

Ever since, we have been dedicated to doing the best job that we can. For this purpose alone, we are constantly innovating and developing both our existing and new products whilst expanding our company all over the nation. Today, we are one of the most renowned gutter protection system companies in the USA. Our motto is simple: we are pleased to serve both customers and partners alike with joy and pride.