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Waterlock Gutter Protection’s range of gutter guards are one of the highest quality and durable products in the market. We provide the best gutter guards in the US for any household seeking cutting-edge design gutter protection with our competitive price ranges and excellent customer service. Our patented technology* is unparalleled in terms of innovation and reliability. With numerous dealers across the country and rapidly increasing sales nationwide, you will win by choosing us. Our all-week, any-time customer service will ensure that you will be satisfied with us, and your customers with you!

Why Choose Us Above the Competition?

Even though the US economy is majorly backed by small business owners, there can be a lot of obstacles in the way of their success. We totally understand you in this regard as our roots come from where you currently are, dating all the way back to gutter installation as a team of two people. Thus, our goal is to ensure that you only have to focus on increasing your profits and can thus channel your energy to your customers for a well-known reputation with the best gutter guards the market has to offer. Let us handle product quality, availability, marketing, and any other details that will take your energy on a large scale while you only do the gutter guard installation and customer service. You do what you do best, focus on your branch, and growing your business! Check out our numerous advantages and perks that we provide below and become a dealer working with us today!

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Superior Products with Competitive Prices

Our gutter guards have again and again stood the test of time with their superior quality and this has cemented our top position in the market. No matter which product your customers go for, their durability and quality will ensure they will be unrivalled in the market.

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Full Spectrum Product Range

Whether your customers are looking for good, better, or simply the BEST gutter guards in the market, we got you and them covered! Our gutter guard product range is tailored to the needs of your customers that seek to install a high quality gutter guard for their home.

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Try a Sample and See For Yourself

We don’t only want you to take our word for the quality of our gutter guard products. Try them out yourself! We will not only send you a sample of your choice of any our gutter guard products, but we will also provide you in terms of sales tools and marketing collaterals. Try one, or one of each of our products today!

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Constantly Ongoing R&D

We will always be ahead of the competition with our ever-expanding product range and technological developments. Additionally, we are improving the number of our patents on a year-to-year basis, which means you will have more to offer to your region and customers.

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Guaranteed Stockpile Availability

You will never have to wait extra days for your shipment to arrive when your customers are waiting. We guarantee that you will always have stockpile availability for any type of product you require!

waterlock gutter protection

No Dealer Fees

We will never ask for dealer fees because we believe in WIN-WIN situations, so you only have to focus on increasing your profits through gutter installation while we get your back! We offer you all the benefits of owning a franchise without the large sum of the initial investment.

Unique Incentives and Promotions

We will make sure that you have every resource under your belt to ensure increased sales and a steadily growing business.

Exclusive Territories Saved for Your Branch

We will never open or allow another branch to be opened that will cross territories with your zone. Thus, you will have the privilege to focus on an entire area that is reserved for your own profits.

Ensured Customer Satisfaction and Increased Returns

Our cutting-edge tech products will make sure that your customers will be satisfied and will increase your returns. We believe in trust and quality when conducting a deal, and we aim to make sure your customers experience the same through our range of products.

Dealer Testimonials


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Goldstar Gutter Supply, Clifton NJ

Goldstar Gutter Supply is a wholesale distributor of gutter and roofing supplies. We provide a variety of gutter protection systems, and Waterlock Gutter Protection is one of the top guards that we sell. We have been in the market for over 6 years now and never once received a bad call or comment regarding the quality of Waterlock Gutter Protection. The quality and the price is very competitive amongst others. We will definitely continue our business with them and will look forward to what the future holds for both Waterlock Gutter Protection and Goldstar.


 waterlock gutter protection dealer logo

RJW Exteriors, Lake Hopatcong NJ

Every business owner in the market of gutter guards claims that they have the best quality products. But you know what I realized after being in the industry for more than a decade? It’s that customer service matters as much as the quality of the diverse range of products. And let me tell you this wholeheartedly that none of the other companies can rival the quality of customer service provided by Waterlock Gutter Guards. I used to work with three different vendors, and I either had stockpile issues, items lacking in quality and mostly delayed responses when it came to handling issues. With these guys, I never had an inch of the problems I experienced before regarding branch service. Whenever I called, they were always available, ready to help my tam and I in any way possible! Plus, they are ever-expanding in terms of product diversity, which is something I always appreciate since I can offer more options for my customers. Choose Waterlock Gutter Protection, and you will be more than satisfied!