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With over 20 years of experience in the market, Waterlock Gutter Protection Systems ensure that your gutters are free from any type of debris including but not limited to pollen, seeds, shingle grit, leaves, and much more!

Waterlock Gutter Protection Systems’ easy gutter installation process accompanied by high-quality material products made through our patented technology will make sure you will never have to worry about your problematic gutters again. We guarantee pure customer satisfaction along with clog-free gutters!

Why Waterlock Gutter Protection?

Waterlock Gutter Guards are ideal for families that are looking forward to preventing water damage to their homes all the whilst seeking a stainless-steel gutter guard option with numerous color choices. We are the best gutter guard product company that you can find in the market with excellent customer support!

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Waterlock Technology

Our Waterlock Gutter Protection technology is designed to guarantee total customer satisfaction by standing the test of time, blocking any unwanted outside elements and only allowing the passage of water through its frame.

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Suitable for Any Roof Age and Type

Our stainless-steel gutter guard frames are designed to fit any existing or new flat, metal, shingle surface roof frame. Even if your shingle can’t be separated from your roof, worry not! Our gutter guards can fit any roof regardless of age or material.

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Problem-Free with Little to No Maintenance Required

Waterlock’s Gutter Guard technology is self-cleaning and very easy to maintain if needed. The system keeps itself clean while keeping your gutters clog-free. So, you only need to maintain them once in a long while, if at all.

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Protects Against Any Type of Unwanted Material

Our gutter protection systems block even the smallest bits of unwanted material from entering your gutters. We guarantee that our Waterlock Gutter Guard will protect your gutters from any outside element including shingle debris, plant material, and dirt.

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Sleek Low-Profile Design Fitting Any Type of Roof and Shingle

With 16 color options, our sleek, modern, and innovatively designed gutter guards are sure to look gorgeous on any roof all the whilst providing the ultimate protection!

Color Chart

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Types of Waterlock Gutter Guards

When we developed our gutter guard protection systems, we had every need and family in mind. Thus, we adopted a tier system resulting in good, better, and best. Whether you have an old, new, or intricately designed roof that needs gutter installation, we got you covered in every aspect! Below you can find our various gutter guard products suitable to your needs.

waterlock gutter protection

Waterlock Gutter Protection

Waterlock, our standard line of products, will be satisfactory for any home and family looking for an easy way to protect their gutters. These come in 5” and 6” variations.

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waterlock pro gutter protection

Waterlock Pro Gutter Protection

Our Waterlock Pro Gutter Protection Series products are designed for those who need something more durable and have slightly harsher climates. These series are for homes and venues that endure bad weather more often but are also suitable for anyone looking for an overall more durable gutter protection system.

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waterlock micromesh gutter protection

Waterlock Micromesh Gutter Protection

Waterlock’s latest gutter guard protection system, the Waterlock Micromesh Gutter Guard products are for homes and venues that require a fully enclosed system with a sleek design that will last for a lifetime.

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+What are the gutter guards?

Gutter guards cover your guards by keeping them free from dirt such as debris, leaves, and pine needles to prevent gutter clogging. Basically, they are a solution for resolving gutter and roof damage caused by the blockage in the gutters.

+Why do you need gutter guards?

As a cover over gutter pipes, gutter guards keep away debris and leaves that may pile up in gutters. This way, gutter guards help channels flow freely by preventing gutters from getting clogged. Therefore, you need gutter guards to have an efficiently working gutter system. Moreover, you can ease your regular gutter cleaning and maintenance with a well-functioning gutter guard system.

+How to install gutter guards?

Depending on your gutter guard type, the installation method varies. While some gutter guard installations require appropriate tools and skills, some can directly snap on the gutter without extra effort. Although generally, gutter guard installation is not a complex process, you may consider hiring a professional to do the job. This way, you can save time and prevent any potential injuries.

+Can I install gutter guards myself?

The short answer is yes, as long as you have the appropriate tools. Follow the tips we provide so that you can eliminate the risk of injury and complete the task faultlessly: 1- Read Instructions: Since the installation method may differ according to the type of gutter guard, you should first ensure that you have the appropriate methodology and toolset for the installation. 2-Take Safety Measures: You should ensure that you have a sturdy and stable ladder. Do not hesitate to ask for help from someone else who will watch over you while you are working on the ladder. Another tip is to prefer an S-hook bucket that you can attach to your ladder and use this bucket to keep your tool in one place. 3-Prepare Your Tools: Ensure that you have all the required tools suitable for installing your gutter guard type. For instance, like brush and foam, gutter guards are quick to install and do not require much equipment because they easily fit inside the gutters. However, for some gutter protection systems, like micro-mesh gutter guards, you may need to use appropriate tools, such as a nail or screw.

+What are the pros and cons of gutter guards?

It would be best to consider several advantages and disadvantages before purchasing your gutter guards. Here are the pros and cons of gutter guard systems: Pros:Prevent leaves and debris from clogging the gutters, make gutter cleaning easier and less frequent, protect your property from moisture and any related water damage by annihilating overflowing caused by the gutter blockage, prolong the life of your gutters by preventing moisture and debris blockage in pipes.Cons: Still require cleaning and maintenance, at least once a year, unless installed and maintained correctly, gutter guards may cause gutters to sag, may not prevent small debris from slipping through your gutters.

+Do gutter guards have to be cleaned?

Contrary to the general misconception, you should still need to maintain and clean your gutters with gutter guards. Although gutter guards reduce the amount of debris in channels, there will be smaller pieces of dirt that the gutter guards cannot keep out. Even if you have the best quality gutter guard system, know that gutter guards are to be cleaned once or twice a year. However, you will definitely spend less time cleaning gutters that have gutter guards.

+What are gutters’ sizes?

The gutters’ sizes are generally determined according to the roof area that the gutters drain. 5” K-style gutters are the standard size / 6” K-style gutters are used for larger roofs than the residential industry’s standard / Half Round gutters are usually 1 inch wider than K-style gutters. In order to prevent water flooding over gutters, wider gutters may be needed, especially for hard surface roofing materials like slate and tile or for steeply-sloping roofs. Gutters should be placed against the fascia and roofing materials and they should be as tight as possible.