Sample Gutter Guards

You should have a well-functioning gutter system to keep your property safe from water-related damage. High-quality and durable gutter covers slow down heavy rain flow and prevent clogging. If you need top-quality gutter guards but want to ensure that your purchase meets your expectations, you can purchase our sample gutter guards to check the quality, type, and size of the gutter screen you are about to have for your gutters. This way, you can guarantee that the gutter guard you opt for is the one that functions best and is suitable for your gutters' size and color by trying our sample gutter guard types first.

sample gutter guards

Sample Gutter Guards

Our sample gutter guards include 5" and 6" Waterlock Micromesh Gutter Guards, 5" and 6 Waterlock Pro Gutter Guards, 5" and 6" Waterlock Standard Gutter Guards, and Flat Micromesh Gutter Guards. While Micromesh Gutter Guards are prominent for providing the strongest gutter protection, Waterlock Pro Gutter Guards offer durable gutter protection. Waterlock Gutter Guards, on the other hand, provide standard gutter protection. Moreover, all these types of gutter screens are suitable for K style, half round, and box type gutters. Although most of our sample gutter guards are white, they may also come in various colors. Check our samples to decide which is the perfect choice for you and your property!

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sample copper gutter guard

Sample Copper Gutter Guards

Sample Copper Gutter Guards we provide are 5" and 6" Waterlock Micromesh Gutter Guards and 5", 6" Waterlock Pro Gutter Guards and Flat Micromesh Gutter Guards. Copper gutter guards are manufactured from 16oz copper material and offer longevity, functionality, and durability. If you are looking for a luxurious look and the best performance to keep debris away from your gutters, you should try copper gutter guard samples to find the type and size suitable for your gutters. Moreover, the shiny look and the high-quality structure of copper gutter guards will add value to your property! Copper gutter guard samples can be used with K style, half round, and box type gutters. Check our sample copper gutter guards to ensure you find the perfect fit for your gutters!

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sample gutter guards

Warranty & Maintenance

Waterlock Gutter Protection Systems warrants your purchased products for a lifetime. Our gutter protection systems are majorly maintenance-free as their design is made to last for a very long time. However, even if you encounter any specific problem with our products, we will send out a dealer FREE OF CHARGE to fix and provide any necessary modifications to your products. For maintenance purposes, you might need to occasionally clean the top of your gutter protection systems if there is a tree close by to your system or your vicinity encounters harsh weather conditions. This does not mean that you need to constantly maintain your gutters, as they are designed to prevent clogging, bird-nesting, and icing over the course of a lifetime. The warranty is also transferable to any new owner as long as the invoices, order forms, and other documentation are preserved.


+What are sample gutter guards?

Sample gutter guards are produced for customers to check our products' type, color, size, and functionality. If you are unsure how to pick the perfect gutter guards, you can purchase our sample gutter guards to become knowledgeable about their properties and functionalities.

+How much are sample gutter guards?

Each sample for Micromesh, Waterlock Pro, Waterlock, and Flat Micromesh is $10.00, while each sample for copper guards type, including Micromesh, Waterlock Pro, and Flat Micromesh, is $25.00. Sample gutter guards help you save money in the long term because they enable you to make the best choice of gutter guards that will keep your gutters and house safe for a very long time.

+What are sample gutter guards' sizes?

You can find different gutter guard samples in 5" or 6", the most-used gutter guard sizes. If you are unsure which size is the one you need for the roof, you can purchase samples in 5" and 6" to determine the size you need for your gutter guards.