Waterlock Half Round Gutter Guards

Our half-round gutter guards are the perfect option for homeowners that want to combine the elegant look of European architecture and historic North American style at the same time. As the name im-plies, half-round gutter guards resemble a fully-enclosed pipe that is cut in half lengthwise. They are just as likely to get clogged with debris as their K-style and box-style counterparts; thus, half-round gutter guards are necessary to maintain them. Designed with our years of experience in the market and manufactured with our cutting-edge technology, our Waterlock Half-Round Gutter Guards will only allow water to pass through while keeping all kinds of debris, including shingle debris, plant material, dirt, pollen, pests, insects, and many more out of your gutter system!

Half Round Gutter Guards
Half Round Flat Micromesh Gutter Guards

Waterlock Half Round Copper Flat Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

If you both want the sleek design of flat models and don’t want to lose the luxurious aura of copper gutter guards, then our Waterlock Half-Round Copper Flat Micro Mesh Gutter Guards will be your dream choice! These gutter guards are suitable for being cut with a bracket machine and bend to fit the installation requirements of your installer. With its smooth look and smart design choices, our flat copper half-round models will protect your home for years to come while looking gorgeously hand-some!

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5 and 6 Inch Half Round Copper Pro Gutter Guards

5” & 6” Waterlock Half Round Copper Pro Gutter Guards

Heavy-duty products and luxury generally don’t go hand to hand with many products, but the same cannot be said about our 5” & 6” Waterlock Half-Round Copper Pro Gutter Guards! For those seek-ing a long-lasting product that can endure the toughest of weather conditions and look fascinating at the same time, we designed thicker copper half-round gutter guards. This variation can be installed by sliding them under your first row of roof shingles. Our Waterlock Half-Round Copper Pro Gutter Guards will certainly be your #1 choice if you are looking for beautiful and durable at the same time!

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Half Round Flat Micromesh Gutter Guards

Waterlock Half Round Flat Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

Our Waterlock Half-Round Flat Micro Mesh Gutter Guards are the best choice for those seeking sleek and modern designs. Our flat half-round models protect your household from all weather condi-tions and clogging problems, all the whilst sacrificing nothing from its stunning visuals. These gutter guards are suitable for being cut with a bracket machine and bend to fit the installation requirements of your installer or DIY methods.

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5” & 6” Waterlock Half Round Pro Gutter Guards

If you are looking for an advanced and more durable system, Waterlock Half-Round Pro Gutter Guards are the right choice for you. These models come with a heavy and durable aluminum body that can resist the toughest conditions that mother nature can throw at them. This variation can be installed by sliding them under your first row of roof shingles.

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• Designed to be installed with new gutters, asphalt shingle roofs newer than 5 years old,

• Fits all types of half-round gutter systems, including 5” & 6” gutters,

• Slows down heavy rain flow & prevents water overflow,

• Keeps out leaves, pine needles, shingle debris, pests, seeds, birds, furry friends & prevents clogging,

• Aluminum variations are manufactured from thick .027 gauge painted aluminum produced in the United States,

• Copper variations are manufactured from 16oz copper material produced in the United States,

• All sales are final for copper products,

• Life Time Transferable 35 Year Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with original packaging unused,

• Installation with 1” margin notching system that is pressed on top of each other, which allows seamless and strong transitions,

• No damage to your roofs during installation,

• Available in 16 color options, including copper material,

Half Round Gutter Guards

Warranty & Maintenance

Our gutter protection products are designed to be maintenance-free for a very long period of time. Waterlock Gutter Protection systems warrant all of our purchased gutter guards and gutter products for a lifetime. If you encounter any problems with our products, we will ensure that you receive assis-tance from a professional dealer partner FREE OF CHARGE to repair and provide necessary modifi-cations for your gutter guards. If your roof has trees, vegetation, wildlife, and similar environmental factors in its surrounding area, it would be good to clean the top of your gutter guards from time to time. The same applies to regions affected by harsh weather conditions such as but not being limited to heavy rain, snowstorms, hails, and icing. This cleaning process does not mean that you will need to maintain your gutter guards continuously. Our products are designed with cutting-edge technology to prevent clogging, warping, wildlife nesting, pest infestation, and resist harsh weather conditions for a very long-life period. The warranty is also transferable to any new owner if the invoices, order forms, and other documentation are preserved.


+What is a half-round gutter?

Half-round gutters have a symmetrical u-shape that complements older and historic homes, buildings, and venues. Their shape resembles a tube that has been cut in half. The rounded shape is also an excellent option to add a touch of class and style to modern households.

+What sizes do half-round gutters come in?

Half-round gutters are available in 5” & 6” sizes. We can supply you with custom gutter sizes such as 4”, 7”, and 8” if required.Call us during our office hours or send us an email for a swift reply.

+How do you connect half-round gutters?

You need to first set the pitch when connecting half-round gutters. Then you need to attach the brackets using their respective screws (aluminum screws for aluminum gutters & cop-per screws for copper gutters). You proceed by hanging the gutters in their place. Contin-ue by soldering endcaps, elbows, outlets, and downspouts. Finally, install the down-spouts, and you are done.

+Can you put gutter guards on half-round gutters?

Yes! You can install special half-round gutter guards for your existing or new half-round gutter systems. They work in the same manner as K-style and box-type gutter guards and are an excellent choice for households that want to retain a classy look for their exterior!

+How deep are half-round gutters?

On standard, half-round gutter guards have a depth of 75mm.

+How do you cut half-round gutters?

The most common tool used for cutting metal half-round gutters is miter saws. You can fit the miter saw with a carbide-tipped finish blade for cutting through metal for the fastest and most efficient method. You can cut the metal both in straight and angular patterns de-pending on where you are planning on installing your gutters.

+How do you install half-round gutter guards?

You install half-round gutter guards in DIY fashion or by getting assistance from profes-sionals. If you have an existing gutter system, you first remove the screwings and old gut-ter guards. Then proceed with cleaning the gutters. Steadily place the half-round gutter guards on their allotted spaces and then crew them back again. We highly suggest that you get help from professionals if it is your first time installing gutter guards to ensure the pro-cess goes as smoothly as possible.

+How do you install copper half-round gutters?

You install copper half-round gutters precisely the same way as you install our aluminum gutters! The only main difference would be in taking special care of the material of the screws, as copper gutters and gutter guards require copper screws. The reason is that met-als like aluminum and steel are prone to rust, and they might affect the life expectancy of your copper gutters.