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5 Reasons to Install Gutter Guards

by Dijital Karma on May 24, 2022

5 Reasons to Install Gutter Guards

Gutters are integral parts of our homes, and they play a massive role in maintaining our homes’ structural integrity. Many people do not think about their gutter systems until they encounter a problem, which can be a tedious one. That problem can vary from an uncomfortable cleaning chore to costly structural damage. So it is essential to take care of your gutter systems. Using a gutter guard on your gutters can drastically reduce the amount of maintenance you have to make on your home. Install gutter guards today for a healthy home!

Importance of Gutters

Gutters play a vital role in directing the water and moisture from your roof into the designated drainage area. By doing so, they protect your wooden surfaces from rot and decay. Overflowing water from gutters can damage the foundation of your home. Pools of water gathered in clogged areas of your gutters can freeze during winter and cause structural problems as well. A functional gutter system extends its benefits to the whole house, both exterior and interior spaces. They help diminish moisture problems and condensation, leading to warped wood and dissolved drywall over time.

Purpose of Gutter Guards

You might be asking yourself, “Are gutter guards really necessary?” At least twice a year, homeowners need to climb up their ladders and clean their gutters, which is a waste of precious time and a potentially dangerous chore.

Gutter guards are cover pieces installed over your gutter systems to prevent leaves, twigs, and other debris from gathering in gutters. Which is essential for healthy water flows from the roof to the drain.

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Benefits of Gutter Guards

Benefits of Gutter Guards 

Gutter guards are designed to block debris from entering the gutters and downspouts. This eliminates clogging, which can be a costly problem in time. Let’s list the key benefits of installing gutter guards:

  1. Gutter guards prevent damage. When your gutters get clogged from debris or ice, the water starts to pool. This can damage your property in various ways, such as the roof, walls, foundation, and basement damage. This excess water can cause your gutter to have additional weight, and the gutter might give in. By keeping your gutters clean, gutter guards allow water to flow properly and keep your gutters from retaining moisture and developing rust or mold. The protection comes on a personal level, too. Climbing on ladders to clean and maintain your gutters are dangerous. Each year, hundreds of people fall from ladders while doing so. Head traumas and broken bones can be the results of those falls. Gutter guards keep you from climbing that ladder or shorten the time spent on the ladder.
  2. Gutter guards save time and money. Open gutters are exposed to various substances such as leaves or twigs. These can accumulate in the gutter and cause clogging. If you install gutter guards, you save your precious time from cleaning debris! Sometimes gutter cleaning may require a specialist. By having gutter guards installed, you won’t have to cover the cost of hiring professionals to clean your gutters. Most importantly, by protecting your gutters, you’ll be saving a lot of money from potential disasters! Sure, gutter guards initially cost money, but they pay for themselves over time.
  3. Gutter guards prevent pest infestations. When you have gutter guards installed, water will not be able to accumulate in your gutters. It will be a lot more difficult for vermin like cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rodents to thrive. After all, dark and moist areas such as debris-laden gutters are the perfect breeding ground for pests. Our micro mesh gutter guards even prevent birds and rodents!
  4. Gutter guards are great for protection against environmental hazards. If you live in an area that experiences bushfires, you need extra protection from gutter guards. Copper gutter guards can prevent the embers carried by the wind from reaching the twigs or dry leaves accumulated on your gutters. During winter times, water trapped in gutters can quickly freeze. These accumulations of ice can result in blockages or cracked gutters. Gutters are damaged because they are not built to sustain that much weight.
  5. Gutter guards improve your home value. Gutter systems are important parts of every house. Gutter guards are investments in your homes, which automatically add to the value of your home. If you want to sell a home without gutter guards, then you might have to reduce the price. People want to move into a ready house they can move in and start living their lives. No one likes the extra maintenance while moving in, right? 

Conclusion of Gutter Guards


Deciding whether to install gutter guards is a wise choice with long-term benefits. For homeowners looking to protect their homes and save their time on regular gutter maintenance, installing gutter guards is the way to go. Gutter guards are a great solution to the water damage caused by rain. You can avoid the hassle of cleaning out your gutters by installing our gutter guards. If you are interested in giving your gutter systems a much-needed upgrade, check out our gutter guards. Gutter cover installation is an easy process to protect your home and your loved ones. When getting your gutter guards installed, it is vital to install them correctly. Feel free to contact us with any question that comes to your mind.

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