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What You Should Pay Attention to When Installing Gutter Protection Systems

by Art of Gutter on Jun 25, 2021

gutter guard installation

      Gutter protection systems are one of the best additions you can have for your home. Also known as, gutter guards, professional gutter protection systems have many benefits in comparison to regular gutter systems.

gutter cover installation

      For starters, the biggest issue for common gutter systems is clogging. You need to regularly clean, maintain, and repair them. If neglected they can cause additional problems that will not be cost-friendly to your budget.

      To summarize, here are some of the most common problems you may encounter with regular gutters:

  • Clogging:

    • This is the most typical problem you will have with regular gutters. They will get clogged year-round and this will lead to additional problems, which are often a big headache.
  • Interior water damage:

    • Overflowing of your gutter systems can lead to water entering inside your home. This will undoubtedly cause damage to your interior walls, windows, and in the worst-case scenario the foundation of your home.
  • Damages to outdoor living spaces:

    • During heavy rainfall seasons, the water built up in your clogged gutters can pour down from undesired spots and this can damage your backyard, lawn, and outdoor living spaces. Plants, soil, and overall decor can be seriously damaged by this.
  • Flooded basements:

    • Your basements might be flooded by the pools of water overflowing from your gutters.
  • Mold growth:

    • Due to water spilling over from your clogged gutters, molding can start from your exterior and interior walls as well as on the front of your gutters. The organic debris built up in your gutters is very susceptible to further spreading molding. This in time will surely make it harder to clean, repair, and maintain your gutter systems.


    leaf guard installation


          By installing gutter guards, you can get the benefits below for your home:

    • Clog-free gutters:

      • With an expertly installed gutter protection system you will never have to worry about debris, such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, or other materials piling up in your gutters. Water will run smoothly through your gutters and prevent unwanted damages to your property.
    • Reduced costs:

      • In the long run, the amount of money you spend on a brand-new gutter protection system will be very small in comparison to the cost of cleaning your gutters every year. The cost for cleaning gutters may seem small at first, but believe us when we say this, it all adds up over the years.
    • Little to no maintenance required:

      • Since you won’t be dealing with clogging problems, you will almost never have to deal with maintaining your gutter systems. Instead, you can use your free time for leisure activities with your friends and family.
    • Enhanced safety:

      • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately 164,000 cases of injuries and 300 events of deaths related to the usage of ladders in the US. If you are living in an area where harsh weather conditions are present, using ladders can be even more dangerous while cleaning your gutters.
    • Custom design:

      • You can install a custom-painted and designed gutter protection system to your home to match the exterior look. This will add value to your property and enhance the overall look of your home.


      Every Home’s Roof is Unique in Terms of Sizing

            There are several important factors when it comes to sizing. The slope of your roof, the style of your house, the weather conditions of your area, and the number of potential debris that can get stuck in your gutters all have an important role in determining the ideal-sized gutter guard for your home.

            Gutter guards generally come in 5” and 6” variations with different types such as K styles, half rounds, and box-type gutters. You can also order custom sizes for your homes. As an added bonus, there will be no damage done to your roof if the installation is completed by professionals.

            While the installation takes a short amount of time, it requires special cutting tools and equipment when it comes to the inside and outside corners of your roof. Thus, we always recommend the help of professionals that reside in your vicinity when installing your gutter guards.


      Custom Color Options to Enhance Your Home’s Outdoor Decor

            Not only can you get the superior benefits of gutter guards in terms of maintenance, cost, and efficiency but you can also enhance the overall look of your home! Installing gutter guards with custom color options is a wonderful way to compliment your home’s outdoor decor with suitable colors.

             gutter guard installation gutter guard installationgutter guard installation


             As Art of Gutter, we offer 16 different colors for our Waterlock Pro and Waterlock Micromesh Gutter Protection Systems. We also are one of the few manufacturers in the country that produces copper gutter guards for enhanced benefits. This way you do not have to worry about altering the overall color palette of your home or venue. You can learn more about who we are to have a better understanding of our products' superior quality.


      Do You Need a Gutter Protection System?


            Long story short, yes, you need a gutter protection system for the several important reasons we mentioned above. We will reiterate the most important three reasons once again for clarification.

            First of all, they are cost-efficient. The amount of money you will be spending over the years for maintaining, cleaning, and repairing your gutters will surpass the cost of installing a brand-new gutter protection system.

            Secondly, they are time efficient. Imagine having to deal with your gutters at least twice a year to avoid unwanted situations such as damages to your property, outdoor living spaces, and overflow of water during heavy rain seasons.

            Lastly, the peace of mind you get by installing a system that you will never have to worry about again is priceless. You can easily learn how to install gutter guards through our guide.


      Simply Give Us a Call to Learn About Your Brand-New Gutter Guards 

            You can simply give us a call to learn about the cost for your new gutter guards. Increased property value, no more maintenance, all-year-long relaxation, and custom color options to suit your home decor are only some of the benefits of installing our Waterlock gutter protection systems. You can even opt for copper micromesh options for styling and efficiency purposes.

            For a truly high-tech options, however, we recommend micro-mesh series. They come in wide variety of color options as well, and have size variations. Flat, 5-inch, and 6-inch are the some of the best options for any family home roof.

            If what you need is heavy-duty, then our Waterlock Pro series are the right choice for you. There are many color variations for the Pro series but nothing beats white in our opinion!

            This is the end of our blog post for "What Should You Pay Attention to When Installing Gutter Protection Systems"! If you are interested in learning more information regarding gutters, gutter cleaning, and gutter protection products you can check our other blogs such as "How to Clean Your Gutters in 4 Easy Steps"

            We’re sure you’ll find more information in regards to gutters and homecare with our future blog posts as well.

            Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!