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Discover When to Replace Your Gutter Guards | Art of Gutter

by Julia Watc on Dec 07, 2023

Discover When to Replace Your Gutter Guards | Art of Gutter

When Will You Need To Replace Your Guards?

You should constantly be aware of when it's time to replace your gutter guards because they are a very crucial component of your house. Water is diverted by gutters away from the windows, walls, foundation, and doors on the outside of your home. Gutter protection is essential because it keeps water out of your house.

You may need to replace or repair your gutter system, even though having them cleaned many times a year will extend their lifespan.

Thus, how can you determine whether it's time to repair your gutters if you need to know when they were installed? You most definitely want to rely on something other than a broken gutter system. However, you also don't want to tear down a perfectly excellent set of gutters because you might notice a few things that could be improved (which some dishonest roofing firms could advise you to do while they restore your roof in order to charge you extra money).

How Long Do Gutters Last?

Gutters are essential to the structural stability of your home—they are not simply a nice-to-have. To help avoid any water damage, they assist with diverting water away from the outside of your house. You might be wondering how long do gutters last if you're thinking about getting new gutters placed on your house.

The good news is that gutters may endure for 20 to 50 years and, in certain situations, even up to 100 years. Here's a deeper look at the response to this query and how to determine when will you need to replace your guards.

Gutters Have So Many Cracks

Even while a tiny crack might not seem like much, it will ultimately grow into a larger one, and probably much sooner than you think. Water can exacerbate any little cracks you ignore, further damaging your gutters.

Worse, it may harm your fascia boards behind the gutters and your shingles above them. The worst part is that the damage can easily reach your foundation, which would cost ten times as much to replace or repair as your gutters.

Paint Peeling Off The Gutters Or Around Them

Your gutter's paint is specially made to withstand normal wear and tear over the course of the seasons. Rust can be first detected by orange flecks or flaking paint unless your gutter guards are quite old.

It can also indicate that water is consistently being retained in your gutters. This issue is caused by either the gutter system's inability to drain water or the possibility of damage and fractures adequately.

Sign Of Mould Or Water Surrounding The Foundation

Even though mold might be a concerning place on your house if you see it or see pools of water close to your foundation, your gutters most likely need to be replaced.

A simple blockage might be the cause of your gutters leaking, water pools around your home's foundation, or mould growing there. However, there can also be a more complicated issue, like a gutter system flaw. Small amounts of water can cause significant damage to foundations, which can be quite expensive.

Water Damage Or Marks Under The Gutters

You should examine your gutters on a reasonably bright, non-rainy day at least once a year. If you see marks beneath your gutter, it may be a sign that water is seeping or spilling. This kind of water penetration can cause damage to your soffit and fascia boards.

Gutters Pulling Away From The Home Or Sagging

If your gutters are drooping or pulling away from your house, it's one of the easiest ways to tell if you need to replace or repair them. The best part is that you don't really need a ladder to see this.

Never allow your gutters to sag or pull away from your house. If they are, it may be a sign that your gutters are overflowing with water and are drooping due to the weight of the water. A full gutter may indicate:

    • Blockage is being caused by debris.
    • The system isn't correctly draining.
    • Your house isn't a good fit for the gutter system.

Multiple Cracked Or Damaged Fasteners

Fasteners are metal bits that keep your gutter level and fasten it to the roof. Gutter repair can be the answer if there are just a few loose fasteners. Nevertheless, gutter replacement could be the only option if the issue persists.

Separated Gutters

Guttering systems can only work in a continuous channel when they are secured together. It could be time for a guard replacement if they start to separate from one another regularly.

Eroded Landscaping

Your landscaping is the result of a lot of labor on your part. If you find yourself spending time and money fixing water damage caused by broken gutters on a regular basis, it's time to replace your gutter guards.

Flooded Basements

If water is continuously pouring close to your foundation, it may seep into your basements and cause expensive damage. You should replace your gutter guards in addition to fixing your basement.

Channels Of Dirt Or Standing Water

You could see signs of water overflowing your gutters during a rainstorm. Try to fix the issue, but if the water doesn't go away, think about replacing the gutter guard.

Why Choose Artofgutter To Replace Your Guards?

The ArtofGutter Company is a family-run enterprise with a wealth of gutter replacement expertise. We provide quality color selections in addition to factory-trained gutter installation. We promise that neither the gutter guards nor their installation will ever come loose or clog. To find out more about changing your gutter guards, get in touch with us immediately.


To sum up, preserving the integrity of your house depends on your ability to spot the warning indications of gutter degradation. Cracks, peeling paint, water damage, and drooping gutters are all problems that need to be taken care of right away. Don't wait for serious damage to occur; get a trustworthy gutter replacement from ArtofGutter and protect your house from any damage.