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What Do Gutters Do? Are They Important? Art of Gutter

by Julia Watc on Oct 30, 2023

What Do Gutters Do? Are They Important? Art of Gutter

What Do Gutters Do? Are They Important? Art of Gutter

Gutters are a neglected aspect of any homeowner's maintenance schedule. Rain gutters, understandably, are unique in their design and working; they transport water from the roof to the ground. This, however, helps to safeguard your home from major water damage. If you're wondering, "What do gutters do and the reason why are gutters important?" keep reading. You may discover that your rain gutters do much more to protect your structural integrity than you realize.

How Do Gutters Work

Gutter systems gather rainfall from your roof and transfer it to the ground via downspouts. During a rainstorm, water runs down the roof's slope and into the gutters. As water accumulates, it flows via the gutter system to the downspout.

Downspouts transport water from the gutters to the foundation of the home. It is often channeled to stop floods and further water damage to the foundation. A splash block is installed at the foot of the downspout to redirect rainfall further away from the home.

Are Gutters Required?

While certain types of roofs, such as flat roofs or roofs with built-in drainage systems, may not require traditional gutters, gutters are required on most pitched or sloping roofs to guarantee adequate water management.

Rainwater without gutters can cause major water damage to your property. Soil erosion around the foundation, water entering basements or crawlspaces, external siding deterioration, discoloration, rotting, and even structural damage over time are all examples.

Why Are Gutters Important

Guttering is designed to protect your property from rain and water damage.

Rainwater would gather on your roof without a gutter system, causing damage, degradation, or mold. This will deteriorate the shingles, soffit, and fascia. Gravity naturally draws water from your roof to your windows, siding, and foundation. Condensation is caused by the high moisture level in your home's windows, which destroys the sill and inside walls. Not to mention the possibility of mold and filth growing.

Water causes erosion, degrades the structure and stability of your home's foundation, and increases basement flooding when it pools against the foundation. Gutters protect you from all of this trouble.

If guttering is not properly maintained, it can cause deterioration. Dead leaves and other plant debris may quickly clog gutters and prevent them from functioning properly. When debris accumulates, water will overflow and harm the home's siding. Rain storms and heavy winds can also cause your gutter system to become misaligned. This can damage your gutters and lead them to collapse completely.

Call your local gutter installers to keep your gutter system clean and operational. Gutter Maid understands the significance of high-quality gutter installation and repair. Call us immediately for expert gutter cleaning, installation, or repair.

Is It Ever Necessary To Have Gutters?

Though gutters are generally recommended, there are several instances where they are optional. Take a look at some of these examples below.

Concrete: Your home is already protected from accumulated rainwater if sidewalks, driveways, patios, streets, or other concrete constructions surround it.

Climate: A dry, arid climate results in less rain and puddling. As a result, homes in drier areas don't need gutters as much as ones in wetter climates.

Downward slopes: Because your property is on top of a hill, it will have a natural water flow that will perform gutters work for you. Just make sure your landscape includes a lot of sloping slopes pointing away from your house.

Overhang: If your roof has a big overhang of 6 to 10 inches, you may not require gutters—as long as your property fits other conditions, such as having a downhill slope.

How Can You Make Your Gutters More Effective?

Gutters are only a few fun items to install or replace, but they may add character and beauty to your home. Here are some ideas for styling your gutter system.

Gutter Type: There are many gutter kinds that each lend a unique flare to your property. Half-round gutters complement more antique homes, while box gutters provide an industrial touch. Custom fascia gutters may offer a smooth, contemporary look.

Material: The material of your gutters may enhance the appearance of your property. Copper gutters, for example, give a spectacular accent to the exterior of your home, and wood gutters add a touch of historic character and warmth.

Types Of Gutters

It is critical to have a high-quality gutter system installed on your property. There are several types of gutters available to fulfill your individual needs, including:

• One-piece gutters

These are the standard gutters that most homeowners install. We have two types: one with no slope and a roll former, and one that is custom-made for each construction.

• Two-piece gutters

For effective operation, they must be professionally installed. Our professionals will use correct waterproofing measures to prevent infiltration in the connection between the gutter and the apron.

• Built-in gutters

Built-in gutters, also known as gutter liners, are typically seen on older homes when gutters are installed along the bottom corner of your roof.

• Double bottom or casing and liner gutters

have a beautiful exterior shell and a bespoke profile. The interior tapered gutter liner is in charge of water drainage.

Top Recommendations

Gutters are usually required. However, if you want to know if gutters are required for your new building or home remodeling project, evaluate the landscape elements of the property, the climate, the overhang, and the foundation type. If you discover that you require gutters, we recommend obtaining at least three estimates from three different gutter installers to evaluate the price and services.

Consider purchasing a gutter guard system. Gutter guards keep dirt out of your gutters by preventing it from entering. Then, remove standing material with a broom or gather fallen trash. Below are some of our top gutter guard recommendations.


LeafFilter provides a full professional installation service for gutter and guard safety systems. The firm begins by cleaning and preparing your gutters for its micro-mesh stainless steel gutter guard. Then, it puts a frame across your gutters and conceals structural hooks to your fascia board to provide a foundation for its gutter guard to lie on.

The revolutionary three-piece design of LeafFilter optimizes stability, ensuring that your gutters remain intact for years to come. Micro-mesh gutter guards are also available. Their mesh is tiny enough to keep small materials like needles of pine, shingle grit, and pods of seeds out. It can also survive big debris strikes because of its strong uPVC structure.


LeafGuard is a one-step gutter solution for homeowners. Professionals remove the old gutter system and replace it with new gutters and downspouts that have built-in gutter protection. Surface tension is used by the reverse-curve gutter cover to funnel rainfall into the gutter while trash slips onto the ground.

LeafGuard claims that its gutters are 30 percent wider than the industry norm, which increases water capacity and helps prevent jams. Furthermore, the LeafGuard system is available in various options to complement your home's exterior. The paint finish is scratch and wear-resistant, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.


In conclusion, gutters are sometimes overlooked yet important in protecting homes from water damage. Their simple but effective design diverts rainfall from critical structural parts, reducing erosion, rot, mildew, and other damaging effects. Gutter neglect can lead to obstructions and misalignment, emphasizing the significance of regular maintenance.

While gutters may not be necessary in some cases, such as in arid areas or properties with sufficient concrete surfaces, it is critical to examine individual needs and consult specialists to make educated judgments. Furthermore, the cosmetic component of gutters should be addressed, as different gutter styles and materials provide the potential to enhance a home's appeal while performing their essential purpose of preserving your property.