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Are Leaf Guards Worth It | Art of Gutter

by Julia Watc on Dec 04, 2023

Are Leaf Guards Worth It | Art of Gutter

Is Leaf Guard Worth It?

Leaf guards can help keep leaves, pine needles, and other types of debris out of your gutters. The less debris that gets into your gutters, the less likely they will clog—and the less frequently you will need to clear them.

Leaf guards can be an efficient and easy solution to reduce gutter maintenance while protecting your home from weather, fallen debris, and water damage. Leaf guards have numerous benefits, from preventing blockages and ice dams to improving water flow away from your home.

However, leaf guards are not required for everyone. In this article, we will look at why you might want to invest in leaf guards and why you might not.

How Leaf Guards Work?

Leaf guards function similarly to filters that fit inside or over your gutters. They keep trash like leaves and pine needles out of your gutters while still allowing water to flow through. The type and brand of gutter guards you buy will determine how successfully they stop debris. Different gutter guards utilize various techniques to keep debris out.

Despite what some vendors promise, gutter guards will only partially eliminate the requirement for gutter cleaning. Some species of trees have very small seeds that can proceed to get through gutter guard systems. You will also need to remove and clean the gutter guards on a regular basis.

Furthermore, while some gutter guards are intended to last a lifetime, others must be updated every few years.

Advantages Of Gutter Guards

Prevent Ice Dams

    Ice dams may be extremely frustrating to deal with for a variety of reasons. Their weight can put a strain on your gutters and home, but the excess water can also cause moisture problems as they melt.

    Ice dams are often caused by frozen gutters in cold weather. Leaf guards are an excellent technique to avoid ice dams by lowering the possibility of clogging in the first place.

    Save Time And Money

    Gutter guards keep trash and leaves from gathering in your gutters and blocking the system. If you don't have gutter guards, you'll have to clean your gutters or get someone to do it for you. In either scenario, this involves time and money.

    Even with gutter guards, some debris will unavoidably accumulate on the top of the gutter leaf guards. However, gutter guards are easier to clean than delving into clogged gutters to get out handfuls of twigs, seeds, leaves, and debris. Gutter leaf guards, like practically everything else in your home, may require repair on occasion.

    Preventing Early Rust And Corrosion

    When moisture-laden leaves and debris accumulate in your gutters, it increases the probability of rust or corrosion occurring. Gutter leaf guards are intended to keep leaves, pine needles, and other waste out of your gutters. As a result, gutter guards may assist in extending the life of your gutters by preventing rust and corrosion.

    Improve Gutter Water Flow

    Installing leaf guards can improve the flow of water through your downspouts and gutters by preventing them from clogging. This can be an especially useful benefit of gutter guards if you have a rainwater tank (a rain barrel). The guards will help your tank refill faster when it rains, and your tank will have cleaner water that is more filtered of contaminants and debris.

    Stop Blockages

    If your gutters overflow during severe rains, they are likely blocked or clogged and would benefit from leaf guards. Overflowing gutters are problematic because they allow water to cause foundation damage or allow water to enter your property. Additionally, overflowing gutters can cause unattractive stains on the exterior of your home.

    So, for homeowners pondering, "Is Leaf Guard worth it?" many long-term advantages certainly make a compelling case. Leaf guards contribute to a prolonged gutter system's lifespan in addition to improving the gutters' overall performance.

    What Happens If You Don't Have Leaf Guards?


      When your gutters become clogged, you must spend time, money, or both to resolve the situation before it worsens. The weight of stored water and soggy debris, for example, can cause your gutters to sag or slide away from your house. They are also susceptible to rust and leakage. Gutter guards of high quality can greatly decrease or eliminate blockages, resulting in less frequent maintenance and repairs.

      Pest Infestations

        Pests like mosquitoes and insects grow in stagnant drains and standing water. Water trapped by clogged gutters might serve as a large welcome sign for these undesirable visitors.

        Gutter guards can assist in keeping your gutters free, reducing the possibility of insects and nesting pests like rodents and spiders developing in your gutter system. As a result, you will have a cleaner, more cozy home outside and living environment.

        • Biological Growth

        Clogged or dirty gutters offer seeds everything they need to sprout, including water, air, light, and warmth. Your gutters may even supply enough dirt for food. As a result, spores of mould, spinners, and various other seeds can enter and thrive in unprotected gutters. mould, mildew, and bacteria can all thrive in gutters. The greatest gutter guards can keep seeds out while allowing water to flow freely.

        • Gutter Maintenance Is Difficult

        Most gutter guard systems offer to reduce overall upkeep by keeping leaves and debris out of your gutters. While this is often true, and gutter guards can help you clean your gutters less frequently, they are rarely completely maintenance-free.

        While cleaning gutters and having gutter guards installed, additional measures such as replacing or removing the guards may be required. This is frequently the case with temporary gutter barriers made of foam or mesh. They may require a few adjustments during the cleaning procedure due to gradual wear and tear.

        Removing and installing gutter guards to gain access to your gutters can be a difficult chore to complete on your own. You may need to pay for an expert's assistance to resolve it.

        • Brush Fires

        Gutters clogged with dried leaves and pine needles can catch fire, especially if you live in a wildfire-prone area. Embers can fly through the air, land in the gutters, and ignite garbage. Gutter guards aid in the prevention of debris buildup by establishing a solid barrier between wind-blown embers and any material that finds its way into your gutters.


        To sum up, leaf guards save gutter blockages, ice dams, and premature corrosion. Hence, they are worth the investment. They enhance water flow, prevent pests and biological development, and save time and money. Is Leaf Guard gutters worth it? While not for all, their effectiveness and long-term benefits make them a vital addition to home care.