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How to Clean Your Gutters in 4 Easy Steps

by Art of Gutter on Jun 25, 2021

How to Clean Gutters
      Back in ancient times, people associated the coming of hot and rainy seasons with clarity, unification, and celebration. With the coming of Summer, a lot of us started utilizing our favorite living spaces, which are undoubtedly our backyards and front yards.
You would perhaps enjoy your BBQ parties with friends and family, swim in your pool as a revitalizing activity, or simply utilize the space for a serene moment of relaxation. These are all very cool ideas to enjoy, however, in order to get these benefits you might want to also have an organized and clean space. Taking care of our gardens and lawns is an awesome way to do this, but what about our gutters?

      We generally neglect cleaning our gutters and their long-term denial can create problems for our gardens, backyards, and lawns. With the coming of a beautiful season ahead of us we thought that it was time for a thorough cleaning session for our living spaces. Thus, we prepared this guide for you to learn about how to clean your gutters in 4 easy steps!

      For starters let us list what steps we will be following for an easy cleaning operation for our gutters:

  • Tools,
  • Safety,
  • Regular Cleaning,
  • Repair and Maintenance.


      Now that we established the basics let us start from our first section; tools. You will require certain tools to get the job done neatly and safely. We recommend using the ones below:

  • Ladder:

    • We recommend that you use a tall step ladder for increased stability and safety. Better if you are accompanied by someone during cleaning.
  • Sturdy boots or shoes with a good grip:

    • It is always a solid idea to wear boots or shoes with a strong grip to ensure you do not lose your balance during cleaning.
  • Gloves:

    • You may encounter sharp or hazardous objects while cleaning your gutters so it is always a good idea to wear safety gloves. Plus, they keep your hands clean!
  • Rake, broom, or a sturdy stick:

    • Leaves, pine needles, dirt, and similar debris can be removed much easier with the help of a long tool.
  • Trowel or scoop:

    • These will speed up your cleaning process by a ton! Also, they are much more efficient and easier to use than your hands alone.
  • Safety goggles:

    • Protecting your eyes is important as you might encounter bugs, insects, and splashes from dirty water while cleaning your gutters.
  • Cleaning bags:

    • This is a must if you have neglected your gutters for a long time. Believe us, the amount of debris you will clean might be astounding at first!


    Cleaning Gutters


                We highly recommend you practice safety in every step of your cleaning process.

          For this, the most important thing is the ladder. You should follow the ladder safety rules and try to get a stable ladder while cleaning the troughs.

          Another simple safety tip is to clean your gutters during clear weather. Icy, windy, and wet weather conditions will present challenges while cleaning your troughs. If you have to though, always wear sturdy boots or shoes with a stable grip. Finally, ensure you are not working near power lines or over the edges by yourself.

    Cleaning Gutters

    Regular Cleaning

             Cleaning your gutters at least twice a year during the beginning of autumn and the ending of spring is always a good idea.

          These seasons are also the ones that have lots of leaves and debris for your gutters and cleaning will ensure your living spaces are conserved effectively. Autumn is especially good because during winter cleaning might be hard due to harsh weather conditions and freezing.
          The end of spring is good as heavy rain waters can create damages to your house if you have a blockage in your gutters.

    Repair and Maintenance

             Repair and maintenance for your gutter systems are very important as even the tiniest bit of cracks, clogs, or broken troughs can create bigger problems if left alone.

          By regularly maintaining your gutters you will preserve the value of your home and have peace of mind. Handling your gutters also makes your outdoor living spaces look much better as molding, critter, and insect problems will be much less frequent.

    Consider Purchasing a Gutter Protection System

    Odds are good that you are a busy person spread thin in time between work and family.

          Any time gap you have is too valuable for you to waste. You could be spending your quality time elsewhere such as getting a well-deserved rest and leisure time. Enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, participating in sports, enjoying leisure activities are all better alternatives to than cleaning your gutters. For instance, our favorite activity is fishing in a serene lake with friends and family.

          So why should you deal with all the steps above even if they are easy? They might be simple in hindsight but realistically speaking they are time-consuming, and if there’s anything that the 21st century has taught us it's the fact that time is money.

          Thus, how about considering getting the help of professionals? Even better, you can install a gutter protection system in your lovely home and never have to worry about cleaning, repairing, or dealing with your gutters ever again.

    It is a much cleaner, safer, and efficient alternative to regularly taking care of your gutters. You can get answers to questions such as how much does gutter protection systems cost with a simple phone call. You can even order samples before purchasing the whole set!

    Professional gutter installation is a much easier and money-saving efficient alternative to cleaning your gutters.
    micro mesh gutter protection  micro mesh gutter protection  micro mesh gutter protection
          They nullify the need to clean, maintain, and repair your gutters regularly. Their long-term usage will save you a ton of money and time. Consider checking out our Waterlock micro-mesh gutter protection guards that block everything except mother nature’s water. Once installed, you can forget about them and enjoy your free time as you deserve.

          You can check our copper micro-mesh gutter guards for their 5-inch and 6-inch options. They are expertly manufactured with our "easy-install" technology so you can consider installing them yourself or call a professional installer for ease of usage.
      Waterlock Pro Gutter Guard Waterlock Pro Gutter GuardWaterlock Pro Gutter Guard    

          If you are looking for something truly heavy-duty then we recommend checking our Copper Waterlock Pro Gutter Guard. It's heavy-frame and high-durability will ensure that tough weather conditions won't be a problem anymore for your lovely home. Finally, you can also check our vast collection to suit your needs.

          This is the end of our blog post for "How to Clean Your Gutters in 4 Easy Steps"! If you are interested in learning more information regarding gutters, gutter cleaning, and gutter protection products you can check our other blogs such as "What Should You Pay Attention to When Installing Gutter Protection Systems"!

          We’re sure you’ll find more information in regards to gutters and homecare with our future blog posts as well as our home page. Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!