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Decorate Your Gutters with Lights

by Dijital Karma on Mar 22, 2022

Decorate Your Gutters with Lights

Gutters are an essential part of our roofs. They have one critical task, and that is to divert the water flow correctly to prevent damages to the outer premises of our properties. However, they can be used for so much more. In addition to being a vital part of our homes, they can add more benefits to our homes as becoming a suitable location for adding different items providing utilities over them. At the foremost of these utilities comes lightning! Depending on your requirements, season, holiday, and event, you can add different sets of lights to remain attached to your gutters.

            This is significantly more viable if you have high-quality metal gutters with gutter guards. The reason for this is quite simple; metal is a highly durable material that will easily withstand the lightweight of lights without needing to check on them regularly. With ease, you can install outdoor gutter lights or even under gutter lights to your existing gutter protection system. We will give you a brief explanation regarding how to do that as well! However, before we hop on to that section, we have one last question to answer, and that is determining the type of and occasion for your lights! Without further ado, hop on below to check our light categories for decorating our gutters and homes! 

Solar Gutter Lights

            Starting our list comes one of the best assets in the sustainable energy industry: solar lights! Like roof solar lights, solar gutter lights function in the same manner. You install or hang them around your gutters and harness the power of the sun. The best and brightest solar gutter lights are the ones that are made from the highest-quality materials. Thus, it is crucial to search and get an excellent quality set of lights for a long-term investment. There are varieties sold as super bright solar gutter lights, and we suggest that you purchase those if you can. Solar lights for gutters have apparent benefits over their LED counterparts, and that is the fact that they do not require additional electricity as they power themselves up. They are very suitable for outdoors and your roof. The best outdoor solar gutter lights also come with their very own motion sensor. So, keep an eye out for them!

Gutter Lights

LED Gutter Lights

            LED gutter lights can be a good option for those looking for a reliable alternative to solar gutter lights. While not as cost-efficient in the long-term as their solar counterparts, LED lights can get the job done in an exemplary manner as well! You can use LED roof lights combined with your LED gutter lights to create a mesmerizing look and feel for your outdoors. The best outdoor LED gutter lights come with additional resistance to adverse weather conditions. This ensures that they won’t require repairs or replacement in the short term. You can also check for different color varieties when it comes to LED, and this is definitely one of the advantages they have over solar lights. These colors can also be combined for different seasons, events, and occasions, which we will cover right below! 

Festivity Gutter Lights

            The most fun part when it comes to installing gutter lights is their usage when it comes to festivities! You can use different colors and hue combinations to create marvelous looks for your home outdoors! For best results, you can utilize the top of your gutter covers as they can make the necessary flat surface above your houses in case you don’t have a flat roof. 

Christmas Gutter Lights

            Christmas is one of those special events where friends and family members get together, and what better greeting than the pleasant display of Christmas lights hanging from your gutters! You can use a combination of blue, green, red, and white light bulbs to create unique looks for your outdoor Christmas gutter lights! Extra bright white Christmas lights can also be used to create shapes such as snowmen and reindeer if you have the time for nifty decorations!

Halloween Gutter Lights

            Halloween is one of the most extraordinary events throughout the year, especially if you have children! Outdoor Halloween lights can be used in combination with your pumpkins to write spooky messages over your gutters! Outdoor Halloween lights favor orange and purple lights, perhaps with a dash of lime green added into the mixture to represent the soul of the festivity. 

4th of July Gutter Lights

            Here comes the most important national event and it is none other than the 4th of July! Battery-operated lights are a fantastic option for the 4th of July as you can time their glows with fireworks. You can also use solar-powered gutter lights combined with white, red, and blue LED lights to create a mesmerizing look and feel for your home. 

Decorate Your Gutters with Lights

How to Hang Lights on Your Gutters?

            Simply put, there are three stages for hanging lights on your gutters. For the first step, you need to measure the length of lights you require and determine the power they need. Secondly, you need to gather your supplies. Selecting the type of bulb, you want to use as well as choosing your light clips according to your roof clip is essential. You will require one clip per light bulb, and it is always a better choice to get a couple of additional clips in case some of them get damaged during installation. For the third and final stage, you need to hang your lights across your gutters. The last step can be tricky, so we wanted to guide you in straightforward steps below: 

  1. Place your ladder near the site where you want to start attaching your lights. Make sure to use a ladder with rubber soles for extra stability if available.
  2. Having an extra pair of hands in the form of a family member or a friend is always beneficial!
  3. Clean the top of your gutter covers, if necessary, as they will become visible when lighted up. You can use cleaning cloths and a pressurized water hose for this.
  4. Use an extension cord long enough to reach the edge of your roof. Make sure that the extension cord has enough slack, as you will probably require to move it a little bit while installing your gutter lights. Also, ensure that the extension cord is stabilized before installing your roof.
  5. Attach the light clips on your gutters in the direction you plan to hang them.
  6. Keep your light string in a reasonably firm position as you continue clipping each light bulb across your gutters. Make sure to reposition your ladder as you go to avoid accidents.
  7. Once you reach the end of the string, you can continue to another side of your home. If you have come to the end of your installation process, you can roll the remainder of the string and close their unused sockets with electrical tape to prevent them from being damaged by the weather.
  8. And voila! You have safely decorated your gutters with lights!

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            We’re sure you’ll find more information in regards to gutters and home care with our future blog posts as well. Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!