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Add Luxury to Your Home with Copper Gutter Guards

by Dijital Karma on Oct 29, 2021


Every home, apartment, compound, and the building has a gutter system. Some are thick sturdy versions that look like they can endure an eternity of harsh weather conditions, some are flimsy and dirty wearing signs of damages they have experienced over the unforgiving years, and some make a stand with their undeniable aesthetic. Regardless of the type, they are an inseparable part of our home design both in utility and appearance.


What if someone told you that there was a version of gutter protection systems that would resist the toll of time and look fabulously beautiful at the same time, all the whilst adding value to your property? Believe it or not that those types of gutters do exist and they are none other than the majestic copper gutter guards.



First and foremost, you might ask yourself the question “What are copper gutter guards?”. After all, not many people actually know that they do exist. This is due to the fact that while they are superb products and considered among the best gutter guard system materials, their popularity only recently rose to fame as the home design sector started shifting their focus on more luxurious products that offer the same utility offered by their heavy-duty counterparts. This allowed us, homeowners, to have the choice of installing copper gutter guards to our beautiful properties.


Overall, copper gutter guards are more durable, have better utility, and are an upgrade that raises the value of our properties. For all these reasons and more, copper gutter guards can simply be deemed as one of the best gutter guards there is in the market. Let’s find out more detailed information about the fruitful benefits of installing copper gutter guard systems right below.



Traits of Copper Gutter Guards

Copper Gutter Guards Are More Durable

As the title implies, copper gutter guards are more durable than their aluminum counterparts. Compared to aluminum, coppers are way heavier. This means that physical damages, icicle formations in winter, and other adverse weather conditions will affect your copper gutter guards to a much lesser extent. In addition to this, aluminum tends to expand and contract at a higher rate during different temperature shifts in comparison to copper. Copper is more stable and solid. This will ensure that you won’t be having the same problems you have with other gutter guard materials for critical spots such as the corners in your gutter systems.


Copper Gutter Guards Have Better Utility

Copper gutter guards mainly bring utility in the form of longevity. Their lifetime is so long that many of their aluminum counterparts will be suffering from oxidation by the time their 3rd and 4th generation instalments are being made to homes. Copper gutter guards generally will last for 80 to 100 years. Before they even begin to have leaks, you will realize that the main damage will be from the ladders and maintenance made over them rather than their diminishing lifetime. That’s why installing copper gutter guard systems is a safe and sound investment for the future.


Copper Gutter Guards Increase the Value of Your Property

Copper gutter guards most certainly increase the value of your property! First of all, copper gutter guards are more expensive than regular gutter systems. Thus, they have value even on their own. Their aesthetic looks and high durability also mean that they will be the desired element for anyone looking to purchase your property. Their mere existence steps up the quality of your home’s exterior and adds a dash of luxury to its surroundings.


You might be wondering then, what will happen when my copper gutters get old? They will simply become more gorgeous! Aged copper gutter guards tend to look even better as they get older due and this will add a very high atmospheric vibe to your home. As mentioned above, copper gutter guards also tend to last for at least 80 to 100 years as they are made from 16 oz of authentic and real copper material.



Most Frequently Asked Questions About Copper Gutter Guards

How Much Are Copper Gutter Guards?

Copper gutter guards typically range between $17.50 to $22.50 per ft depending on the style of the gutter guard. They come in different styles such as thick copper guards, rounded copper guards, 5” copper guards, 6” copper guards, pro gutter guards, and finally flat copper guards. You can also install your downspouts out of copper gutter guards and they look absolutely fantastic. While copper guards’ cost vs aluminum gutters are much higher, the investment is a sound one to make for the future as they add value to your property and look fabulous at the same time. Anyone visiting a home with copper gutter guards installed knows the feeling of luxury imposed by the mere beauty of copper.



Are Copper Gutter Guards Worth It?

Yes, and yes, copper gutter guards are worth it! If you have ever seen copper downspouts hanging in the most elegant way at the exterior of a home, then you know that their worth is totally justified. Copper guards are highly durable, increase the property value, and are more reliable against adverse weather conditions, all the while looking fascinatingly gorgeous! What there isn’t to like about them right? We highly suggest that you consider installing a copper gutter guard system for your home to benefit from all the traits listed above! You can check our different copper gutter styles and copper guard samples to determine which one would be the best suit for your lovely family home.bout Copper Gutter Guards



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We’re sure you’ll find more information in regards to gutters and home care with our future blog posts as well. Until next time, be safe and in good vibes!