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Why You Should Invest in Copper Gutter Guards for Your Home

by Dijital Karma on Feb 03, 2022

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are very durable and look magnificent! If you couldn’t decide whether you really need them, take a closer look at our detailed copper gutter guard systems guide below before making a purchase.

Copper vs aluminum gutters is one of the most heated discussions regarding home renovation. It is not easy to come up with a “best gutter guard system” verdict that fits all since both materials have their unique pros and cons. The best approach to making this decision is considering your budget and needs while learning as much as you can about both gutter guards.

In this article, we will take a closer look at copper gutter guard systems. What does the copper gutter installation cost? What is the best gutter guard system? Is copper gutter worth it? Keep reading to learn!

Aluminum Gutter Guards

Metal Gutter Guards

There are many different materials on the market for gutter guards: Vinyl, aluminum, copper, wood, and so forth. Due to their durability and versatility, metal gutter guards are very popular amongst both homeowners and contractors. They can withstand severe weather conditions; they are easy to install and require little to no maintenance. Hence, we strongly advise you to consider metal gutter guard options.

Copper Gutter Guards

Copper Gutter Guard Systems: What is all the fuss about?

The gutter system is an essential part of the roof as it helps keep the inside of the building dry and safe. That is why investing in a durable and safe gutter system is essential for your comfort and safety. Resilient and versatile, metal gutter guards are the best gutter systems money can buy.

Amongst different metal alternatives, copper has a solid fan base. If you are wondering why we are here to explain!

First of all, no one can deny that old copper gutter guards have a certain charm about them. Their unique color, alluring shine, and inviting look can amp up the façade of any house. That is why most homeowners choose copper guards when their budget allows them to.

Speaking of budget, you must have noticed that copper gutter guards are almost four times as expensive compared to other materials like aluminum. At first, this price difference might be appalling to you but once you learn about the benefits of copper gutters you will be quick to understand that installing copper gutters is making a solid investment in your home.

They are Very, Very Durable

Other than its looks, one of the most prominent selling points of a copper gutter is its durability. Compared to other metals, copper ages very well and withstands extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, ice, and snow.

Aluminum is the biggest competitor of copper due to its affordable price and easy installation process. Yet extremely high temperatures cause dents and deformation in aluminum while extremely low temperatures and ice lead to leakages. Copper, on the other hand, is able to contain its structure and integrity against such testing weather conditions.

When properly installed, copper gutters can stand 50 years or even more without requiring maintenance, fixing, or polishing. In other words, you make the gutter purchase only once in your life when you go with copper. In the long run, you get a better deal for your money and spend less time dealing with leaking or similar issues related to the gutters.

One of the most common issues regarding gutters is caused by ice. Once the temperature hits below zero in the winter, ice takes over. Ice dams tend to clog up gutters and weigh them down. Gutters made of aluminum and similar materials don’t hold up well against ice: They get dents or cracks, and the weight of the ice can knock them down.

On contrary, copper gutters can withstand such extreme weather conditions very well. They don’t crack or get dents; they don’t leak and they can protect their integrity in very hot and very cold weather alike. Thus, it is safe to say that copper gutter is not just a fancy purchase but it is an investment in your home.

They are Greener!

Due to their durability and longevity, aged copper gutters are greener than other gutter options. Since they are much more durable, copper gutters don’t actually require changing so their contribution to the waste to landfills is very little. Moreover, copper is a recyclable material, which means your old gutters can be recycled to make new copper-based products or you can purchase up-cycled copper gutters.

As we mentioned above, copper gutters can last more than 50 years. Gutters made of other materials, on the other hand, require changing several times during such a time period. Thus, they create more waste and contribute to ecological problems caused by excessive consumption and industrial endeavors.  

They Don’t Rust

Unlike aluminum or other metal gutters, copper gutters don’t rust. Yes, they just don’t rust! Considering the fact that gutters are always in contact with water and humidity, being able to combat rust and issues related to it is very important. That is why investing in copper downspouts is a very good idea.

They Don’t Need Maintenance

Yes, you read it right: Copper gutters don’t require maintenance.

Aluminum and similar metals rust when they are in prolonged contact with water and/or humidity. That is why they are almost always coated with a layer of enamel. In time, this layer of enamel thins. In order to maintain the structural integrity of the gutter and avoid rusting, it is essential to reapply enamel regularly or change the entire gutter system.

Since copper doesn’t rust, copper gutters don’t require similar maintenance processes. You just install your copper gutters and forget that they even exist!

If you aren’t a handy person or don’t like spending your valuable time doing maintenance chores, copper gutters are the best fit for your needs.

Copper Gutter Guards 

They Look GOOD!

One of the main benefits of copper gutters is that they look really good. When freshly installed, copper gutters have a distinct burnt orange or orangish hue which creates an inviting and warm look.

The classical elegance of copper gutters can elevate the façade of any home but we must state that copper goes especially well with stone and wood buildings. 

In the first decade, the color of copper gutters turns into a brownish hue which creates an even more luxurious feel. In 15 to 20 years, copper gutters start developing Verdigris Patina. Simply put, it is a chemical process that turns copper into an exciting shade of green. Also known as aged copper gutters, the sophisticated look of these greenish copper gutters is loved by many.

Installing Copper Gutters

In addition to their high cost, copper gutters have one more downside: Copper gutter guard installation is not an easy process.

While installing copper gutters, copper nails, fasteners and fittings must be used. Otherwise, the material of nails, fasteners, and fittings corrode copper. Since copper is not an easy material to work with, experience is a must.

Moreover, copper gutters are custom-made. They need to be produced and fitted specifically for your home. Hence installation process of copper gutters involves measuring and fitting as well. Yet in the end, you get seamless and very durable gutters!

Since working with copper requires expertise and experience, DIY installation is strongly advised against it. As a result, the installation cost is not trivial when it comes to copper gutters.

You might be wondering about the price of copper gutter installation and copper gutter prices. Both vary in accordance with the needs of your home, so it is not possible to utter a tangible amount. If you’d like to get an estimation for copper gutters and installation, feel free to get in touch.

 The Bottom Line: Are Copper Gutters Worth It?

The short answer is yes!

The longer answer is it depends on your budget. Home renovation is a costly and tiring process. If your budget is very tight, you should consider other options.

If you have enough to spend, then the best option is copper gutters since they are very durable, require little to no maintenance, don’t leak or rust.

Consider getting copper gutters as investing in your home: Copper gutter guards increase the value of your home while keeping it dry and protecting it from rain, snow, and various other weather conditions.

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