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The Pros and Cons of Aluminum vs Copper Gutters

by Dijital Karma on Feb 03, 2022

Aluminum vs Copper Gutter Guards

If you want to improve your gutters but cannot decide between aluminum and copper, this guide is just what you need! Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of aluminum and copper gutters.

Great guttering is an investment that will make your life much easier and increase the value of your home. That is why you should consider gutters as an asset to your home. A well-installed gutter guard system will help you tremendously in dealing with unwanted pests while adding a visually alluring element to the façade of your house.

If you don’t want to deal with additional costs while losing your valuable time fixing gutter-related issues, you should make a well-informed choice while buying and installing gutters. There are many different gutter materials that you can find on the market including but not limited to vinyl, galvalume, steel, wood, copper, and aluminum. Most of these materials are either very expensive or high maintenance. That is why only two of these different materials are popular amongst both homeowners and contractors: Copper and aluminum.

Bringing a sense of nostalgia, old copper gutters can elevate any home while aluminum gutters offer a sleeker and more modern look which can add a certain pizzazz to the façade. If you cannot decide which gutter guard option is the best for you, take a closer look at our detailed guide below.


Copper Gutter Guard Systems

Copper Gutter Guard Systems

When you look at old copper guard systems, the first thing you will notice is their elegant and nostalgic beauty! With their distinct color, copper gutters are very decorative and have the impressive ability to add a certain character to the home. If you want some flair, copper guards must be your first choice.

In-home design, function, and durability are as important as looks. After all, no one wants to spend their valuable time and hard-earned money on regularly fixing stuff around the house or doing boring maintenance chores. Luckily, copper gutters are not just pretty to look at: They are very durable and functional as well!

When polished properly, copper gutter guards can last generations without needing any reparations or replacements. Moreover, most copper guards are custom designed. That is why they are seamless; hence they are significantly less prone to cause problems due to harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, ice, and snow.

Unlike most metal gutter guards; copper downspouts are very resistant to rusting and less prone to dents and dings. That is why copper gutters are more of an investment in your home. Once they are properly installed, copper guards will cause no issues regardless of how difficult weather conditions are.

Their unique orange hue makes copper gutters particularly aesthetic yet you must bear in mind that in time their color will shift to a slightly brownish tint before setting in the final blue-green hue. If you like traditional designs or that aged look, this should not be an issue! If you want to be able to maintain a certain color or hue, and/or paint your gutters, copper might not be a great fit for you.

Copper Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter guard installation is an involved task that requires expertise and experience. That is why we strongly advise you against trying to install your own gutters. Getting help from professionals is the best route to go.

Copper guards are almost always custom-made to fit your home. If you decide to purchase elegant and alluring copper gutter guards, the first step is measuring. A team of experts should visit you at home, consult you and take necessary measurements. In the following days, your custom copper gutters are produced with accuracy and care so that they seamlessly fit your home. After being produced, custom old copper guards must be installed by experienced professionals.

Depending on the particularities of your home, the installation process takes a few hours. After properly installed and examined, your copper gutter guards are ready! 

The gutter guard installation cost is not fixed. In other words, it depends on the material, region, specific features and characteristics of your home, your order, and so forth. That is why it is not possible to state a price range. If you’d like, you can always get in touch with a professional for a free estimation. 

5 inches copper micromesh gutter guards 

Copper Guards Cost

It is no secret that copper guards cost more than aluminum guards. Since copper is a very valuable material, copper guards are not on the cheaper side of the gutter guards. Thus, copper gutters might not be the right option for you if your budget is limited. 

In addition, copper guards need to be installed using copper fasteners, fittings, and nails which increases the copper gutter installation cost. Using aluminum or other materials corrodes the copper, unfortunately. 

The cost of copper gutter guards depends on your specific needs and the design. That is why it is not possible to offer a fixed price or an estimation. If you’d like to know more about copper gutter prices, feel free to check our product pages for 5", 6" or flat micromesh options.

Are Copper Gutters Worth It?

The short answer is yes! Since old copper gutters are custom-made, they are seamless. As a result, the chances of future leaks are very, very low. Moreover, copper gutter guards have a very attractive and characteristic look which adds a certain beauty to your home

Due to their durability and low maintenance needs, copper guards last a very long time without needing a coat of polish or paint, fixing, and so forth. And the best part is, copper gutters don’t rust! They are able to withstand extremely harsh weather conditions and can last decades. 

One of the downsides of aged copper gutters is that you need to work with someone who has experienced since installing copper gutters is not an easy feat. Since copper is a tricky material, it requires a certain amount of know-how such as doing more soldering at the joints to ensure durability. 

If you like the aesthetics of copper guards and have the budget for it, copper guards are the right choice for you.

Gutter Mesh Guards

Aluminum Gutter Guard Systems

Being one of the budget-friendly gutter guards alternatives, aluminum gutter guards are chic and affordable -they are almost one-quarter of the price of copper guards!

If you are on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise neither quality nor aesthetics, aluminum guards are the perfect fit for you. 

Since they are very lightweight, aluminum gutter guards are easier to install. If you don’t want to spend additional money on gutter guard installation, you can install your own aluminum gutters yourself.

5-Inch Micromesh Gutter Protection Scotch Red 5 Inch Micromesh Gutter Protection Forest Green 5 Inch Micromesh Gutter Protection Creme

In addition to their affordable cost, aluminum guards offer many other benefits as well. First and foremost, they look very sleek and modern. Secondly, they come in more than 20 different colors, thus you can find the best color that complements your home. The reason behind this wide range of color options is the fact that aluminum gutters are covered with a layer of enamel to avoid rusting. This brings us to a slight disadvantage of aluminum gutters: They tend to rust. Due to the nature of the material, aluminum gutter guards are very prone to rust and require semi-regular maintenance such as applying a new coat of enamel. 

Also, aluminum gutters are not very resistant to heat damage, which is why they are not a very good fit for climates known for rapidly changing temperatures.

Waterlock Gutter Cover Roof

Aluminum Gutter Guard Installation

When it comes to gutter guard installation cost, aluminum gutters are more budget-friendly than copper gutters. They are much cheaper and easier to install. In fact, you can try installing aluminum gutters yourself. We must emphasize, though, that working with professionals is always a better option since their experience and expertise yield much better results than DIY projects and result in significantly longer life expectancy for your gutters. 

Nonetheless, the installation of aluminum gutters is less expensive than copper gutters.

Aluminum Guards Cost

Compared to copper, aluminum gutters are significantly more affordable -copper gutters are almost four times more expensive. Moreover, the installation costs of aluminum gutter guards are more affordable since installing an aluminum gutter guard is easier. 

Being one of the most popular materials for gutter guards, aluminum is the best choice if you want to get something durable and easy to care for.

Are Aluminum Gutters Worth It

If you are on a budget, the answer is yes! As a material, aluminum is cheaper than copper hence aluminum gutters are more affordable. Moreover, installation of copper gutters requires significant know-how thus it is more expensive compared to aluminum gutter installation.

Despite being affordable, durable, and versatile in color, aluminum gutters have a few downsides:

They are very sensitive to significant temperature changes. If the average temperature difference between night and day is high in your area, your aluminum gutters may suffer some damage.

Aluminum gutters can get dents and leaks more easily.

Aluminum gutters require semi-regular maintenance: You need to reapply a coat of enamel in order to avoid rusting.

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