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How to Choose Gutter Colors

by Dijital Karma on May 24, 2022

Gutter Guards Colors

Undoubtedly gutter systems are one of the most critical parts of our homes. They keep our homes safe from severe weather conditions, prevent leaks, and prolong their lifespan by directing water to the downspouts. Protecting your gutter systems with gutter guards is important. Our micromesh gutter guards are perfect for that! Aside from their practical function, gutter systems can also help your home's curb appeal. Gutter colors are a great way to add some style to your overall design. Sure, we spend a lot of time choosing the color of our roofs and siding, but gutters come in various colors that can complement the overall looks of your homes. In this blog post, we will share some tips on matching your gutters to the other parts of your homes! We have many gutter colors available. In today's post, we will help you decide on the perfect color for your gutters. 

Check Local Restrictions

There are specific gutter color and gutter type rules and guidelines in some cities, counties, or homeowner's associations. Before you get too deep into deciding your gutter color, make sure to check them before facing any unwanted surprises.

Gutter Visibility

Check if your gutters are visible from your front curb. If you can't see your gutters, then you don't need to worry about the gutter color. And, of course, the same thing applies if you are not concerned about how your gutters look in the backyard. But if they are visible, then count on you to help you pick a color! You can be sure to get great advice from our experts when it comes to choosing the perfect gutter color that completes the looks of your home.

Gutter Guards Colors

Is Ease of Maintenance a Concern To You?

Light colors show stains and debris more. Splashed-up mud, grass clippings, dried leaves, or mulch particles will be more visible. Darker colors are better at hiding these. Choosing black gutter guards might help. Brown gutter guards that have many different tones might just be the answer for you. You can see the available colors by checking our gutter colors chart on the page of your desired products. 

Check Other Houses In Your Area

It might be a good idea to look around you if you are uncertain about your gutter color. What color did your neighbors choose? Is there a general theme in your neighborhood? You can see the color white being used a lot. Don't just go for white gutters unless it complements your unique design. White and off-white gutters are basic factory-finish choices, and they have nothing to do with good curb appeal or mindful color design.

Gutter Guards Colors

Matching Your Gutters

When designing the exterior of your house, matching your gutter colors with other parts is essential.

  • Match your gutters to your trim if the trim on your house is thick. The horizontal and vertical lines of your gutter and downspouts compliment the trim on your home. This way, they will stand out more than if you match with siding or exterior paint. At the same time, it will give great dimension and contrast to your home.
  • Match your gutters snd gutter screen to your roof if the trim on your house is thin. This way, your gutters will be almost invisible. This is especially important if you want your gutters to look like an extension of your roof. The gutter color and the roof doesn't have to match! Choosing a shade that closely matches your shingles or metal roof finish should do the trick. Many modern and contemporary homes do not have trims, so matching the roof can be a popular option.
  • Match your gutters to your siding or exterior paint if you want your gutters and downspouts to be unnoticeable and blend in perfectly. This way, the gutters will serve their purpose without getting in the way visually. This will create a seamless look. If you own a brown or yellow-shaded exterior, then it would be a great idea to pick a brown gutter (musket brown, dark bronze, cream, eggshell, terratone, clay, wicker, sandcastle, scotch red, forest green, dark grey, light grey, mill finish, copper).
  • And, of course, if you are after a bold look, don't match your gutters into your trim or roof. To use gutters as a contrasting design element, pick a complementary shade that's either much darker or lighter than the color of other elements. Choosing a terratone, black or dark, gray, copper gutters is excellent if you own a shingle roof or a dark-colored one. Building contrast can be a way to make a statement and add to the beauty of your home. If you have a light-colored theme, picking a black gutter can make it more dimensional and tie each element together.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are known for adding style and elegance to your home, as they are a bit more decorative. Copper gutters paired with copper gutter guards have a natural look that adds some dramatic flair to your house. No matter what your home color palette is, copper gutters will work. Most importantly, corrosion isn't a problem. Instead of rusting, copper forms a beautiful green patina over time. Copper has a long life span, and it's very durable. So if you are not interested in matching your gutters to your trims, siding, or roof, then consider getting copper gutters. They are, however, more expensive than other options.


Choosing the right color is an important decision but the good news; there is no right way or the wrong way when it comes to picking gutter colors. It's all up to you and your aesthetic tastes. We hope you can now determine whether the gutter color should match the roof, the trim, or the sidings or don't match. No matter which you choose, you can't go wrong. It is a matter of personal preference rather than a set rule! Check our other blog posts such as; “Beautiful Gutter Guard Colors to Decorate Your Home”, “Add Luxury to Your Home with Copper Gutter Guards” And for more design ideas check; “Decorate Your Gutters with Lights”