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How to Customize Your Gutters

by Dijital Karma on Jun 20, 2022

Custom Gutter

Gutters are, without a doubt, an essential part of our houses. They protect our properties by channeling water away from our homes' foundations. Gutters reduce the risks of a flooded basement or damaged siding and minimize erosion to the landscaping. The collected rainwater can be repurposed to be used in your gardens by collecting the water in a rain barrel. Although gutters are simple constructs, they come in various sizes, types, and colors, meaning they can complement the exterior design of your home. There are several ways to customize your gutters to add an extra flair to the house's roof. 

Rain Chains 

A rain chain is an alternative to downspouts. They are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Rain chains originate from Japan and have been used for hundreds of years. They have recently gained popularity in Western countries because of their aesthetic aspect. Rain chains work using the surface tension of the water. They are connected to gutters where downspouts are traditionally installed. As the rainwater collected in the gutters guards begins to drain, it starts to follow the path of least resistance and the chain down. You can divert the rainwater from a rain chain into a rain barrel or a flowerpot to collect and reuse the water while preventing puddles. Materials such as metals, glass, or stone can be used, so they are highly customizable to fit your desires.

Custom Gutter

Decorative Drainpipes and Downspout Diverters

If the idea of removing downspouts is too risky for you, installing decorative elements like a decorative downspout diverter or a drainpipe can be the solution you are looking for. You can install elements along your drainpipes to add an extra flair to the exterior of your house. Attaching a small statue to the base of your existing downspout can be pretty pleasing in terms of aesthetics. For example, you can add an animal statue that makes the water look like it's flowing through the animal's mouth. The possibilities are endless, so it is all up to your imagination!

Rain Barrels 

Rain barrels capture water coming from your gutter systems and hold it for later use, such as lawns, gardens, or indoor plants. They are a great way to collect and conserve water in your landscape and are free of charge! Apart from their functionality, they can also be a beautiful addition to your garden. They can be easily customized to blend in with the rest of your design elements. Having rain barrels is an environmentally conscious way to customize your gutter guards. Collecting rainwater and using it reduces your carbon footprint! After all, it is nature's way of watering, right?

Dry Creek Beds or Trenches

Also called an arroyo, a dry creek bed is an effective drainage solution that can also be an attractive landscape feature. Keeping your foundation safe from rainwater is extremely important. Getting creative with your rainwater diversion by installing a dry creek bed or a decorative trench is a great way to make this system look stylish. Dry creek beds can be made to look like a river by arranging stones, rocks, and landscape fabrics. Alternatively, building a trench system is the way to go if you wish to channel the collected rainwater underground. You can make your trenches look pleasing to the eye by using a decorative grate.

Painting Your Gutters

Painting your gutters is a great way to liven up and personalize the exterior of your customize gutter guards. Gutters get dirty and damaged over time. Especially white gutters show a lot of dirt and grime. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in keeping your gutters functional and look aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure you use the correct type of weatherproof paint.  


Well-placed lighting can bring a lot of dramatic flair to your home. These fixtures add a sense of beauty to your property and are also quite functional for security purposes. Make sure to hire a professional electrician to install them since your gutters are too high to reach from the ground. Recess lighting in the soffit and solar lights that attach to your gutters with brackets are great options. Even installing a spotlight on your garden floor and aiming upward to illuminate your home will do wonders.


Copper Gutters

When it comes to metallic gutters, aluminum gutters are affordable and lightweight. Both aesthetically and functionally, copper gutter systems are far superior. Copper has a beautiful natural color and is durable, making it great for external usage. You can have copper gutters coupled with copper gutter guards; they will last an eternity while looking great. Copper is a superb product and is considered among the best gutter guards system materials. In time copper develops a patina that has a lovely shade of green. This way, your gutters and gutter cover  will indeed have a sophisticated look! They are at their peak when it comes to customize gutter guard, and you should check them out at our copper gutter guards section.

Custom Gutter

Gutter Guards 

We all know that gutters play an essential role in keeping our houses safe from water-related damage. So it is vital to keep them in top shape. Gutter guards cover your gutters, keeping them free from dirt or debris. A clogged gutter guards system can be a nightmare. Excess water can damage your property in various ways. However, with a well-functioning gutter cover system, pests, insects, and mold will no longer be a problem. There will be no water damage around your windows, doors, or fascia.

Most importantly, the foundational and structural damage is prevented as well. Sure, gutter cover cost money now, but in time gutter guards save money and time for you! A properly installed gutter guard will surely keep your gutter system clean and reduce cleaning and maintenance time. As you can see, gutter screens are a perfect investment for your home! Professionals should install gutter guards; feel free to contact us and check our products section.

Additional Value

By customize your gutters, you add extra value to your home. It matches your personality and your artistic side! Doing this will make your house feel like a home, and you will feel more comfortable living there. Apart from this sentimental value, an adequately customized gutter system will also stand out in the real estate market. A beautiful house will surely go for a higher price, right?


As you can see, customizing gutters is a great way to add that touch of personality to your home. Whether just for looks or function, investing in these customizations will surely set your home apart from the rest of your neighborhood. The possibilities are limitless! Feel free to check our other blog posts such as “Beginner’s Guide: Gutter Guards 101”, “How to Choose Gutter Colors” and “Decorate Your Gutters with Lights”